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Banda Ahenkro is a town located in the west-central region of Brong Ahafo, Ghana. Its geography provided a home for numerous groups seeking shelter from across West Africa during the slave trade era.[citation needed] The original name of the settlement was Serminakuu meaning groups of ‘grasses’. This name was changed to Banda, which is a corruption of ‘Woanda’ meaning ‘they did not sleep’. Ancestors of Banda Ahenkro were allies of the Asante kingdom during wars and they provided a military force that virtually refused to sleep during at-war times. Later, ‘woanda’ was also corrupted by the Brong neighbours to become Banda. The settlement evolved to become the chief town or ‘Ahenkro’ within a collection of Nafana communities.[citation needed]

Banda Ahenkro
Town and District Capital

Banda Ahenkro is located in Ghana

Banda Ahenkro
Banda Ahenkro
Location of Banda Ahenkro in Brong-Ahafo
Coordinates: 8°10′N 2°22′W
Region Brong-Ahafo
District Banda District (Ghana)

361 m (1,184 ft)

 • Total 2,795[1]
 • Demonym

Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) GMT

The Lord’s Prayer in Nafaanra

Banda Ahenkro which is the district capital of Banda District was carved from Tain and forms part of the new districts and municipalities created in the year 2012 and were inaugurated at their various locations simultaneously on 28 June 2012.[2]

The late president, H.E. J.E.A Mills, by an Executive Instrument (E.I) created 46 new districts. All the inaugurated and confirmed MMDAs established are operational with immediate effect[when?] hence bringing the total number of MMDAs to 216.[citation needed]

The district has a population of 45,000 with Banda Ahenkro having a population of 2,795 as at 2010 with males being 21,000 and females being 24,000.[3] The population has been increasing over the years with a growth rate of 2.6%.[4]


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