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Many Ghanaians really don’t understand “Hip Hop” music – Stunner Bizzle


Stunner Bizzle who is an emerging Ghanaian versatile music artiste says hip hop music in Ghana is at stake and will soon fade out.

Stunner Bizzle reveals this in a radio interview on Shalom FM one radio station in the Brong Ahafo Region, The DNA recording music artiste went on saying, Ghanaian musicians nowadays don’t put much effort into the hip hop game even though Hip hop is considered as the identity for African music culture.

Again he added, most artiste claims they are doing hip hop but you will see them later diverting from it another music genre but he promised to stay true with his origin by doing hip hop throughout his music career.

Stunner Bizzle urges Ghanaians to uphold Hip Hop music for it is our identity and culture that we must protect.

Stunner Bizzle took home the “Best Album Of The Year” as this just ended BAMA Awards 2019 with his REFUSE TO QUITE album. The album contains 10 solid songs namely…  DREAM,STREET THUG,OLUWA,ENVY,SIKA DURO,COULDN’T,DONT JUDGE ME,DHOPE,ALONE,DREAMS.

Stunner is one vibrant music artiste every Ghanaian should watch out for… Download Stunner Bizzle’s Who Da Man Cover Below and enjoy.


Written By DJ Obrah


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